If you are looking for crowds and adrenaline rushes this escape is maybe not for you. But if you long for a walk in the forest, a swim in a slightly chilly lake and making a fire under the stars this could well be the perfect place.


Just a few meters from the container house you will find hiking trail Bergslagsleden, an accessible and easy hike. The trail is surrounded by fields of cattle and forests filled with berries and mushrooms. Enjoy “Allemansrätten” and explore the surroundings and get to know the cows.

There is a lake on a few hundred meters to enjoy fishing and swimming. Fish will only bite if you pay a small fishing fee.

If you´re feeling really adventurous there are two natural reserves a few kilometres away. And also worth visiting is the limestone quarry, Uskavi kalkbrott within a an hours walk.

When the weather is good and you decide to spend a day outdoors we´ve provided some simple equipment to get you going. If weather is bad we would still recommend to get out. Coming in afterwards will be so much more rewarding.

If you´re happy using some simple gears please borrow the

  • Backpack
  • Fire striker
  • Jetboil
  • Thermos, bottle, plates & sporks


There are many nice sights to visit in the area of Bergslagen and many local specialites to try. Let us know if we can help in the quest of the best local beer, a local sheep-cheese or sheep- ice-cream or Lindesberg´s best pralines. You´ll find tips, directions and much more on